Title (alternative)//
ToolAdobe Photoshop 2023/
TechniqueDigital oil paintingDry oil brush
Original resolution~8K~70x100cm canvas
Preview resolution~1080×1920/
Workload3 hours/
Premium downloadNo/


(En) Nyice battle! Let’s be friends!

This drawing is a fanart of Jinbanyan from Yo-Kai Watch. Behind this drawing, two souls unite until the end of time.

S ♾️ V

French translation (The English version is the original one)

(Fr) Nyice battle! Let’s be friends!

Ce dessin est un fanart de Jinbanyan de Yo-kai Watch. Derrière ce dessin, deux âmes s’unissent jusqu’à la fin des temps.

S ♾️ V

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You can also find this artwork on my DeviantArt.

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