About me

Greeting human, I’m Vincent, a 22 year old game developer studying at the Enjmin.
I’m passionate about Game Engine Programming and Artificial Intelligence.

I mostly work on engine programming and rendering. I made a small game engine named Cardinal Engine with OpenGL 3 and GLSL. I’m familiar with SIMD instructions like SSE or AVX and I’m currently working with Vulkan to experiment real time ray tracing in a new engine named Ordinal Engine. I like classical music and I play a bit of piano (mainly romantic pieces from well-known composers like Beethoven or Chopin). My other passion are virtual worlds. As a MMORPG player and as a VR user, I’m highly interested in technologies like AR/VR, Eye/Hand tracking, Machine learning and all other new technologies that contribute to make them more immersive.

You can check my resume here.


My studies

I studied computer science for 4 years and this year will be maybe the last one. During my second year of study, I went Quebec and I worked at Beam Me Up, a VR video games studio in Montreal where I learned a lot about game programming and Unity. One year later during my bachelor, I worked 5 months at Shine Research for an internship. Shine Research is a french video game studio working with their own C++ game engine, Shine Engine. I worked on a Shoot’em up, Solar Guardianship. The game was fully developed in C++ with Shine Engine. I learned a lot about C++, optimization, game engine programming and gameplay programming. A great experience.

After having passed my bachelor in computer science, I joined the Enjmin, the National School of Video Games where I’m currently studying game programming, AI and rendering.

And after ?

For the moment, I want to be an game engine programmer to improve existing game engines or create more powerful ones. Any projects ? Any Questions ? You can contact me from the contact page.
You can also see my works on my YouTube channel or through my articles and projects.

See you soon, Vincent.

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