Climbing the stack allocator

A good use of the memory is often key of performance. This is even more true with C or C++ where you have to do your own memory management1. When you work on a game, it becomes a major concern. Massively allocating memory inside the game loop will cause your game to slow down just... Continue Reading →

One million pathfinding calls

When we're making video games, we often need a navigation system that relies most of the time on a pathfinding algorithm called A* (A star). It could be to move a character from a point A to a point B or to check if a path exists between two points when you are making procedural... Continue Reading →

Playing with the virtual table

In fact, this article is not really about a killer feature and this is also not very complicated.I decided to write this post to share with you the fun I had playing with the C++ dark internal mechanism. Or maybe this is not even fun anyway ... Some time ago, while I was reading articles... Continue Reading →

Compile time string hash

Although we can use a simple stack to store data and remember their location, it will be easy for a computer but hard for us. Thereby we often name our variables with a clear and memorable name to better remember and understand them later. No need to be cryptic. We always had this need to... Continue Reading →

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